Who are you?

Merlin Software is an independent bespoke solution provider for small to medium size enterprises.

We specialise in office automation systems written specifically to a client brief, however we have produced a wide range of softwares to accommodate such diverse projects as CCTV control, Radio Handset Automation, Drilling Systems Reporting, Specialist Timers and Weather Satellite Decoding.

Who needs Office Automation?

If you work in an everyday office - you do!

Our primary goal is reduce time spent - and consequent costs - on labour intensive, repetitive tasks. Whilst many office tasks are similar from business to business, they are rarely identical. As a result popular software packages can only assist you to a certain degree. Our solutions are written specifically for YOUR organisation. This means we can effectively automate your business - reducing man-hours, human error and costs along the way.

Is is cost- effective to have software produced just for me?

As a business person, you will already know the value of labour saving technology. Are you aware however of the value of labour eliminating technology?

You will be able to find many 'off the shelf' packages that can perform various tasks. They will still cost you money however, and will not perform exactly what you need to eliminate labour in the office environment. Therefore you effectively continue paying for your technology through man-hours. Bespoke software from Merlin Software is able to focus on YOUR business operation and cost effectively take over all those tasks that you and your team have never got time for - and bore you to death! No more wasted, costly man-hours and precious time freed up for more important tasks.

Our software will only do what you want it to do. Therefore you only pay for the facilities YOUR business requires.

There is no better way to target technology spend!

"My business is quite small - only big firms have specialist software don't they?"

Our clients are small to medium business that have a need to reduce costs and free up time. The smaller the business, the greater the time pressures on it's staff. Everyone can benefit from office automation - even more so if your business is not the biggest. You no doubt already know how much time is spent on administrative tasks that consume your precious time and reduce your focus on the 'real' work.

What can your software do?

We are often amazed by our clients reaction to our ideas.... "Wow can it do that?"

Obviously some things are beyond us - you will not be able to dispense with the coffee machine just yet! You probably will be amazed however just what we can do. If a computer can be involved - chances are we can automate or assist any task. Along the way we may discover pitfalls or methods to improve the solution. We bring them all to your attention so you can make an informed judgment.

"I know my own business - but I do not know much about this sort of thing. Will you baffle us with jargon?"

We appreciate one of the toughest things is relaying your business requirements to those who do not know your business.
We make a point of talking to you in friendly, plain English. We do not expect you to know the ins and outs of computer programming - just as we would not know the ins and outs of your business. We understand that you probably don't care how it works - you just want a reliable, professional solution. Our job is to make that happen - through liaison with you.

What do I do now?

Simply fill out the contact form and we will be in-touch.

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