Working with Merlin Software to create the vision and need we had for our software requirements was an exciting, full-on and rewarding experience. Communication was fluid and informative and any problems or stumbling blocks we encountered were soon eradicated or solved. At times their work exceed into non-social hours, but the teams commitment and passion to make our vision reality was impressive. Building software is not an overnight job, and our project vision has expanded to something quite amazing 9 months after we started (I have to state that the program was ready in its virgin form after a couple of months). When building software we soon learnt that it is a ‘joint effort’, we were required to fully test the system after each update and report any issues or problems we encountered and then the team would sort out. Because we tested from the off, we are fully confident in our system and that it does what we need.

With Merlin Software’s help we have created a software solution that not only saves the company directors and accounting team many man hours each month, it has also increased the profitably of the company by enabling more time in the field selling rather than managing paperwork. Queries are now sorted more efficiently and we have a comprehensive paper trail now throughout the whole sales process – this system has saved us many hundreds, if not thousands in incorrect invoices we have received from our suppliers.

I can say with confidence that the software, Merlin Software has created us has already paid for itself in less than 12months. In my opinion this investment was well worth it. More local businesses should be aware that software solutions can be tailored no matter how small or large your company.